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Dinosaurs at The Clay Center

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Have I mentioned that I love The Clay Center?  Well, I do!  And my kids do, too!  We love Earth City, Health Royale, and the Gizmo Factory.  We love visiting the art gallery, the planetarium, and watching a film on the giant screen.  And, we love the ever-changing Mylan Explore-atory.


Currently in the Mylan Explore-atory is a wonderful exhibit called “Be The Dinosaur”.  The Clay Center pulled out all the stops on this one!

Be the Dinosaur fuses state-of-the-art video game technology with traditional paleontology exhibits that feature full-size dinosaur bones, a paleontology field station, a Safari Jeep and much more. Thanks to highly interactive simulator pods, guests can “become” an actual living, breathing dinosaur within a virtual Cretaceous Era ecosystem. Younger guests can take part in our Dino Dig, where everyone leaves with a dino-mite prize! The exhibit will also feature dinosaur artifacts and activities exploring dino defenses, size, colors and lifestyles.”- The Clay Center Website.

I enjoy all the exhibits that come to the Explore-atory, but I must say this has been my favorite.





My kids especially loved the Safari Jeep.



Who doesn’t love digging for dinosaur fossils?


In this little box, you can dig up toy dinosaurs…and you even get to keep one!  My kids are big fans of plastic animals, especially dinosaurs.



Build your own dino scene at this station.



My, would you look at that footprint!



We had a blast at the Dino-Morphs station where you can build a dinosaur using the pieces provided.


We had a little too much fun putting the dinos together the wrong way.  Have you ever seen a dinosaur with a head on the front and backside?



No dinosaur exhibit would be complete without a giant dinosaur head.





By visiting all the stations in this exhibit, you learn about dinosaurs, paleontologists, fossils, extinction, and many other interesting facts.  You also get tips for how to play the Be The Dinosaur video game situated in the center of the room.



This was my favorite part of the exhibit.  What can I say?  I’m a video game fan!



My kids and hubby enjoyed it, too.  And they learned enough about dinosaur survival that they were able to keep their dinos alive for the whole game…Congratulations!  You Survived The Cretateous Era!

We really enjoyed playing at this exhibit, and can’t wait for the next exhibit “Brain Teasers 2” coming in January.  After becoming dinosaurs, we took time to play at the rest of the exhibits, and no trip to The Clay Center would be complete without a visit to our favorite…Earth City!



Look!  It’s all decked out for Christmas!



Oh, the hours we’ve spent in this room!  My kids could stay here forever.

I love days spent at The Clay Center…we’ll be back very soon!



Here’s a little Christmas cheer for you.  May all my lovely bloggers out there have a very merry Christmas!

A Day At The Clay Center

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My hubby was out of town this weekend, and when he isn’t around, my children and I feel a little sad.  So, to keep our minds occupied and make the time pass more quickly, I planned a very busy weekend for us.  We went shopping for spring clothes,  for new books (we can’t ever go shopping without buying books), and for party supplies for little man’s upcoming birthday!  We went to see Oz, The Great and Powerful…wonderful movie, by the way.  My son says it’s the best movie he’s seen in theaters, and my daughter is now in love with James Franco…he’s “cute”.  We also went to our favorite place in West Virginia…the Clay Center!

The Clay Center is an arts and science museum located in Charleston, WV.  We have been visiting this wonderful museum since my children were very young, and they still love it today.  It’s almost like our home away from home.  The center  has three levels of fun and education for children, with some exhibits that always remain the same and others that are constantly changing.  They have giant screen films and a planetarium.  They also offer family fun days to celebrate holidays.  Earth Day celebration is coming up soon!  And they have special concerts just for children.  One of our favorites was the Seussical Musical…all about Dr. Seuss stories!  There are kid’s camps, children’s programs, outdoor programs, adult programs, and so much more.  No wonder we love it so much!

So, we visited the Clay Center and took lots of pictures of the fun!  I hope you all are ready to be overloaded with photos!  I love watching my kids enjoy themselves and being able to freeze those moments to enjoy them forever.  Here is a glimpse of our day at the Clay Center…

We started off the day with a visit to our favorite exhibit, Earth City, where we explored…you guessed it…earth sciences.


Learn about Port Royal, Jamaica’s experience with liquefaction by burying your hands in a quick-sandy earthquake.


Explore the natural wonders through a really neat View Finder exhibit.


Learn myths and facts about how fog forms.  My kids like to try to blow the fog away…that’s what my son is doing in this picture.


Ahhhh!  It’s a giant waterfall!


Try to bury a skull with sand and learn about a land that was “consumed by the sands”.


Learn about locks and dams.  Did you know that dams are usually named after the town that gets flooded when they are made?  Summersville Dam got its name because the town directly in the flood path was called Gad…would you like to visit Gad Dam…I didn’t think so!


Mountain vs. Water…learn all about erosion and how the flow of water has affected our mountains.


Careful…you will get wet in Earth City!  At least if you play like my kids you will!

Next, we went to the Mylan Explore-atory.  This is a constantly changing exhibit, currently displaying the hands-on experience, Little Builders.


Ride on construction equipment.



Pretend to paint the building…two rollers at a time…and don’t forget your hard hat and bright orange vest!


Maybe you’d like to learn how to do some plumbing.  My kids made poop noises the whole time and were racing the clock to get the pipes connected before the poop came rushing out.  Why are kids so fascinated with poop?



Build your own little town…or a giant castle like my daughter did!

We spent some time in Health Royale learning about health and wellness.  I love this exhibit, but I’m still sad they took out “The Yodler”.  It was our favorite part of this gallery.


This is a neat “repeat the pattern” game using…body noises!  Again with the poo sounds!  And burping, sneezing, hiccuping, and so on.


Here you can make interesting faces.  My kids like to try to make super crazy looking faces!



This is the main attraction in Health Royale.  It’s like Hollywood Squares with health questions.  The guests on the show are body parts with names like Mr. P (I pity the fool…) and Pelvis (you know, like Elvis in the shape of a pelvis).


Could there be anything more fun than stretching out an intestine?  Did you know that your small intestine is about 20 feet long?  Where does it fit?

We traveled downstairs to the Gizmo Factory.  This gallery has over 30 exhibits dealing with physical science!



Discover the power of water and how the force somehow balances a ball as it spins it around and around.  Way cool!


This exhibit is all about smoke and mirrors…and laser beams.



Learn about pulleys and how they work as you try to lift yourself into the air.  Not an easy task!  Momma usually ends up doing the hard work while the kiddos sit back and enjoy the ride!


We love these pin-screens in small size, but we really LOVE them in giant size!

We didn’t make it to the planetarium on this trip because we’ve already seen the film on The Planets, but we did take time to see the giant screen film, Volcanoes of the Deep Sea.


Here we are waiting to watch the film which ended up being quite fascinating.  It was really about the sea animals who live in the aftermath of underwater volcanoes.  In waters that should boil them to a crisp, some animals have managed to not only survive, but thrive!  My son says this was his favorite film so far, even better than Giants of Patagonia…a film about dinosaurs!

And, of course, we finished our day with a nice stroll through the art gallery.  Right now, it is crowded with some of the most beautiful quilts.  I’m jealous because I’ve always wanted to learn to quilt…maybe one of these days.

We enjoyed ourselves very much and can’t wait until our next visit.  And, it helped pass the time while daddy was away.  I hope you enjoyed the tour of our day at the Clay Center.  These pictures only show a handful of the fun and interesting things you can do here.  If you are ever in Charleston, WV, you have to make time to check it out!

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