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Happy, Happy Birthday

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Today is my son’s 8th birthday!  I just can’t seem to grasp the fact that he’s 8 years old.  Where did the time go?  I wouldn’t even let him say he was 8 until exactly 4:55 this evening.  I am clinging to every minute!

My little man is having his big reptile party tomorrow, and he’s been in lizard mode for a while now.  I got this birthday picture of him “sunning in the window”.  He’s a cute little lizard, isn’t he?


Happy Birthday!


We have a tradition in our house on birthdays.  The kids always get a pancake breakfast, complete with birthday candles.  My son chose the ever popular cheesecake pancakes, and asked that they be covered in butter, strawberry syrup, powdered sugar, whipped topping, and gummy worms…yes, gummy worms.  And, on this day, what the boy wants, the boy gets.


And, of course, sis and I sang “Happy Birthday” to him before he blew out the candles.


Make a wish…


I think he really enjoyed those pancakes…and the powdered sugar…and the gummy worms!


Today was all about my little boy.  He got to choose what games to play, what animals we would all be for the day (it’s a thing in our house), and what movies we would watch.  He even got to pick dinner…Butter Burger, yum!

I am pretty sure, though, that the absolute best part of his day was the little “gift” his daddy found for him.  While cutting grass, he caught a blue tailed lizard (5 lined skink).  My son went crazy over it!  A real live lizard to play with on his birthday…priceless!


Poor little guy was missing a tail…thank goodness they grow back.


A perfect end to a perfect day.  Happy Birthday to my sweet little boy!


My Little Lizards

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My little boy has been pretty much confined to the couch for the last few days, and for anyone reading this blog who actually knows my son, sitting around just isn’t his thing!

He is so sick of being sick, and just wants to run around and play, but every time he does, he has a major coughing fit…no good.  So, I decided to cheer him up by letting him pick out what he wants for his birthday party.  I can’t believe my little baby boy will be 8 next month.  Just give me a minute while I have a good mommy cry…

He has been saying all year that he wants a lizard/ reptile party.  Do you know how impossible it is to find reptile party supplies?  They don’t exist!  But do you think my son will be happy with a camping party or a shark party?  No way, it has to be reptiles!

So we’ve been looking on Pinterest  to see what other desperate moms came up with so their kids could have a reptile party, and I think we have some pretty good ideas.  There will be no going to the store and grabbing a pack of party supplies for me…oh, no.  I’m going decorator on this party!  Moss tablescape crawling with lizards, vases full of water plants and frogs, bug juice in mason jars, and brown baggies made to look like cargo crates.  It should be a pretty fun adventure!

My son is so excited about his party.  He gave the okay on everything we picked out.  He is most excited about the snake shaped sandwich tray and the cargo crate party favors.  Wish me luck making the cake he picked out…oh, my!

My daughter even joined in the fun when she and her brother asked me to make them lizard tongues from red cardstock.  They look pretty cute…maybe I can throw these in to the party for some added (cheap) fun.

And all this excitement totally took my little boy’s mind off the fact that he can’t play…yet…just you wait until his party.  I guarantee he will be jumping around like, well, a frog!


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