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Artsy Kids: Coloring Easter Eggs

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We always color Easter Eggs the day before Easter at our house, and we always buy the kits at the local store to do so.  This year, however, I decided to make my own dye at home using a method I found on Pinterest (yes, I am a Pinterest addict!).  It was so easy to make, and the eggs turned such bright, bold colors!

Here are the directions:

1.  Pour 1/2 cup of water into plastic or glass cups.

2.  Add 20 drops of food coloring (40 for yellow).  Stir.

3.  Add 1 tablespoon white vinegar.  Stir.

4.  Add boiled eggs and color to desired brightness.  The longer you leave them in, the bolder the color!

Lessons in patience…


We used glue dots and rubber bands to get some neat effects on our eggs.


And here are lots of pictures of our beautiful eggs…I did warn you ahead of time that there are lots of pictures, right?


We even mixed our colors at the end.  Red and yellow make orange, green and blue make turquoise.  Pretty fun!


This is what you get when you mix all the colors!


Be sure to protect all surfaces and clothing…and hands!  The food coloring will stain!  Example…


My silly kiddos being Easter Bunnies!


Oh, and here’s our newest addition!  Happy Easter from the whole family!!!


My Easter Weekend

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Happy Easter to you all!  I have had such a wonderful, busy, weekend celebrating this holiday with my family.  I have been so busy that I have completely neglected my blog!  I am sure most of you reading understand that sometimes you are just too busy living life to take the time to blog about it.  But, I thought you might like a little look into the way we celebrate Easter as a family.

We had a blast coloring eggs…like we do every year.  I remember doing this when I was a little girl.  I think this is something most families enjoy…that would explain the massive amounts of egg coloring kits available.  Too many choices!  We went with marbellized eggs this year…pretty cool!  Although, I prefer the eggs wraps.  I always thought it was so fun to watch them shrink instantly around the eggs!




Next, we had our annual Easter egg hunt in the yard.  I learned from a childhood lesson not to hide the real eggs!  They really start to stink when you miss one…gross!  So, we hide tons of plastic eggs all over our yard and set the kiddos loose.  They run around like crazy trying to make sure they find the most eggs, even though there is no reward for finding the most.  What is it with competitiveness between siblings?



We spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the warm sunshine with cousins.  We caught “spring peepers” and tadpoles in a ditch.  It’s the simple, and slightly gross, things that bring  joy to children.

When we finally made it home, it was time to start a new tradition…thanks to The Pioneer Woman.  We made Krispy Easter Eggs together!  My kids love to get in the kitchen, and they really enjoyed this fun, slightly messy, experience.







Easter Morning has arrived!  Who doesn’t love waking up entirely too early on Easter Morning to the sounds of your kids shouting “The Easter Bunny came, the Easter Bunny came!”?  Our bunny always brings outdoor toys and crafty toys…and, of course, CANDY!  This year, the kiddos were so excited to get bubbles, sidewalk chalk, play dough,  Shrinky Dinks, and a stuffed bunny.  I’m so glad my kids still appreciate simple toys…I think they actually prefer them!




We had a wonderful church service celebrating the true meaning of Easter.  I am so blessed to get to teach the little kids in our church.  Even though they enjoy the fun of the Easter Bunny, they still know the true reason we celebrate…Jesus.  And they are able to understand the simplicity of a thing we sometimes tend to complicate in adult life.  Oh, to have faith like a child!

We always have Easter dinner at my hubby’s momma’s house.  We always say we are not going to cook as much this year.  We always cook entirely too much, and we always eat entirely too much…ugh, my belly is full!

My contribution to the meal was my super buttery mashed potatoes.  Can you put too much butter in mashed potatoes?  To me, that’s what makes them taste so good.  I also made some yummy cupcakes…I will eventually post recipes for these.  I love a good cupcake…it’s up there with cheesecake on my fave dessert list!  Confetti cupcakes with a birdie’s nest on top  and jumbo carrot cake cupcakes…that’s what I call a sweet Easter celebration!



I am so fortunate to have all these wonderful traditions and celebrations, and all the wonderful people in my life to celebrate them with.  I hope your Easter was as special as mine!  I happened to notice a theme to my blog…simplicity.  I think life is so much more fun when we slow down and enjoy the simple things…like hunting eggs and playing with bubbles, and accepting the simple truth of Christ’s love.  So, I hope you had a “simply” wonderful, happy Easter!!!


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