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For The Birds #2

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I absolutely love bird watching.  I’ve created quite the bird habitat in my front yard and am able to enjoy several different bird species every day.  I love seeing my old friends who come and go with the change of the seasons, like the White Throated Sparrow, Pine Siskin, and the Dark Eyed Junco, but my favorite birds are those who never leave me.  I know every day of the year, no matter the season, I can step on my front porch and see a cute little Tufted Titmouse or a beautiful Cardinal.  They are always there sharing their lovely song and lively activity with me.  This post is for those faithful friends.

I recently got a DSLR camera, and I must say I can’t believe it took me so long to make the switch!  I am obsessed with it!  I may never use my point and shoot again!  Some of the first pictures I took with my new camera were of my beautiful birds (after taking pictures of my cute kiddos first, of course).  I was amazed by the change in picture quality.  I guess those extra megapixels really do make a huge difference.  And it doesn’t hurt that I have a nice zoom lens now, also.  So, without further ado, here are my first birding pics with my new camera…aren’t these guys lovely…see why I like bird watching so much?!?




The lovely, blazing red, male Cardinal.  Perched on a pine in the middle of a snow storm.




My very favorite bird of all!  The Tufted Titmouse…cute as a button.  You should see these crazy guys peck at a sunflower seed.  Hours of enjoyment!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day.  Try to get out and enjoy the birds for a minute…you’ll be glad you did!

For The Birds: Rescue Mission

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Yesterday, while spending some time outside with my kiddos, we encountered a little bird acting very strangely.  It was trying to fly, but was unable to.  It was also unable to stand upright and kept falling backwards.  I was immediately concerned that this bird might have a broken wing or leg, but upon inspection of the wings and feet, I found that they seemed to be fine.  I am not a vet or an expert, but the bird seemed to be moving its wings without problems, and was able to grip with its claws and move its legs.  So why was this little bird unable to stand or fly?


I put the bird, which I believe was a Wood Thrush, on a soft towel in a box with air holes.  The box was actually a Build-A-Bear box my son found for me to use.  So sweet of him to donate his box.  I called the Wildlife Rehabilitators who referred me to a vet in Charleston who cares for wild animals.  I drove over an hour to take this bird to the vet.  I had a bit of a let down when they just took the bird to the back without me.  I guess I thought I would get to go back to see what was wrong with it, even though it wasn’t really a pet.  I didn’t even get to say goodbye.  The receptionist couldn’t give me any information about what she thought might be wrong with this little bird and told me to call later when the vet had a chance to look at it.  The bird, if it could be healed, would be released from that location, not coming back home with me to be released where I found it.  So, I left, with no answers and no bird.


As soon as I got home, I called the vet’s office and was told that the bird had neurological issues and was euthanized.  No other answers, no other explanation.  I was very sad to hear this.  Such a beautiful bird that will never fly again.  I’m guessing this bird fell from its tree or flew into a window, as many birds do.  I know this isn’t the first time a bird has suffered from neurological issues, and I know putting it to sleep was more humane than allowing it to suffer and starve to death, but I still keep wondering if there was something more I could have done for it.


So, today I am mourning for a wild bird that wasn’t even my pet, but was just in my care for one short day.  I’ll always remember the way it looked up at me with such curiosity and trust.  I hope it at least felt some safety and love for those last few hours of its life.  And I pray there is a heaven for animals so this beautiful little birdie can fly and be whole once again.

Building A Nest

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No, this is not a tutorial on how to build a nest for birds, well, maybe…

While I was visiting the doctor yesterday, my husband watched our children play in the yard in front of the office.  It was nice and sunny, though a bit colder than I like, but my kids didn’t seem to care.  They love being outside, and I was so glad my husband could be with them so they didn’t have to sit in the doctor’s office forever…like I did.  I was a bit jealous that they were getting to run around and play while I sat and looked at copies of very old magazines.

When I came out of the doctor’s office, my children ran up to me and told me I had to come look at the nest they had built.  They said they worked on it the whole time.  They were so very proud of their accomplishment.  And, they wanted me to take a picture of it to post on my blog.  I think they enjoy this blog as much as I do…they are now in charge of my posts!

So, I walked over to the big pine tree where the nest was.  I looked down at it (this must be a nest for a ground dwelling bird), and was thoroughly impressed with what I saw.  It looked like a real bird’s nest…a huge bird’s nest.  I snapped a few pictures, and turned back to my children to congratulate them on their amazing bird’s nest, and there they were, beaming with pride at their creation.

I realized then, like I do so very often, how amazing my children are, and what a wonderful blessing it is to be their mom.  I love watching my children work together, to use their imaginations, and create something as a team.  I love watching the joy on their faces when I praise them.  I love the fact that my children enjoy something as simple as making a nest from pine needles or making pirate signs or building forts in the living room.  I love my children!

So, as requested by my wonderful children, I am posting a picture of their absolutely amazing bird’s nest…


For The Birds

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This little beauty shows up in my yard from time to time, usually in the spring. Today, as I was looking out my kitchen window, I see my little Northern Flicker pecking around in my front yard. Does this mean spring is on the way? Man, I sure hope so!

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