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Happy, Happy Birthday

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Today is my son’s 8th birthday!  I just can’t seem to grasp the fact that he’s 8 years old.  Where did the time go?  I wouldn’t even let him say he was 8 until exactly 4:55 this evening.  I am clinging to every minute!

My little man is having his big reptile party tomorrow, and he’s been in lizard mode for a while now.  I got this birthday picture of him “sunning in the window”.  He’s a cute little lizard, isn’t he?


Happy Birthday!


We have a tradition in our house on birthdays.  The kids always get a pancake breakfast, complete with birthday candles.  My son chose the ever popular cheesecake pancakes, and asked that they be covered in butter, strawberry syrup, powdered sugar, whipped topping, and gummy worms…yes, gummy worms.  And, on this day, what the boy wants, the boy gets.


And, of course, sis and I sang “Happy Birthday” to him before he blew out the candles.


Make a wish…


I think he really enjoyed those pancakes…and the powdered sugar…and the gummy worms!


Today was all about my little boy.  He got to choose what games to play, what animals we would all be for the day (it’s a thing in our house), and what movies we would watch.  He even got to pick dinner…Butter Burger, yum!

I am pretty sure, though, that the absolute best part of his day was the little “gift” his daddy found for him.  While cutting grass, he caught a blue tailed lizard (5 lined skink).  My son went crazy over it!  A real live lizard to play with on his birthday…priceless!


Poor little guy was missing a tail…thank goodness they grow back.


A perfect end to a perfect day.  Happy Birthday to my sweet little boy!


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  1. So happy for him about that amazing lizard find! Have a great time at the party tomorrow!

  2. I have an 8 yr old son, too. I can’t believe how quickly the years have flown by 😦 Seeing him becoming a little young man and bearing fruit is a neat opportunity… but I don’t think I would mind having that little baby to hold to again!

  3. Happy birthday to your sweet little guy! The time goes by so quickly. My daughter turns 8 this coming weekend. Your son would love our yard. It is full of green anoles and blue-tailed skinks. 🙂

    • Happy early birthday to you daughter! My son would be in heaven in your yard…he loves green anoles. He caught another blue tail today. So far, he has caught salamanders, frogs, toads, and lizards this spring. We are still on the lookout for a turtle, though. Wish us luck..haha!

      • Thanks. He would really love it here. We have all of those animals. And, your daughter might like the bunnies living in our yard. 😉 We also have red foxes and armadillos. Close by we have alligators, but not in the yard. I hope that never happens. It sounds like you had a great celebration.

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