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Building A Nest

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No, this is not a tutorial on how to build a nest for birds, well, maybe…

While I was visiting the doctor yesterday, my husband watched our children play in the yard in front of the office.  It was nice and sunny, though a bit colder than I like, but my kids didn’t seem to care.  They love being outside, and I was so glad my husband could be with them so they didn’t have to sit in the doctor’s office forever…like I did.  I was a bit jealous that they were getting to run around and play while I sat and looked at copies of very old magazines.

When I came out of the doctor’s office, my children ran up to me and told me I had to come look at the nest they had built.  They said they worked on it the whole time.  They were so very proud of their accomplishment.  And, they wanted me to take a picture of it to post on my blog.  I think they enjoy this blog as much as I do…they are now in charge of my posts!

So, I walked over to the big pine tree where the nest was.  I looked down at it (this must be a nest for a ground dwelling bird), and was thoroughly impressed with what I saw.  It looked like a real bird’s nest…a huge bird’s nest.  I snapped a few pictures, and turned back to my children to congratulate them on their amazing bird’s nest, and there they were, beaming with pride at their creation.

I realized then, like I do so very often, how amazing my children are, and what a wonderful blessing it is to be their mom.  I love watching my children work together, to use their imaginations, and create something as a team.  I love watching the joy on their faces when I praise them.  I love the fact that my children enjoy something as simple as making a nest from pine needles or making pirate signs or building forts in the living room.  I love my children!

So, as requested by my wonderful children, I am posting a picture of their absolutely amazing bird’s nest…


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